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  • 10 Reasons Why a Gift Basket is the Perfect Gift!

    August 01, 2017

    10 Reasons Why a Gift Basket is the Perfect Gift! - Vogue Gift Baskets

    Let's jump right in!

    1. You can find a gift basket for ANY occasion.  Even if there isn't a specific gift basket for your particular occasion or no other gift basket fits the bill, we can make a custom gift basket for you.

    2. People love getting multiple gifts.  Though ANY gift basket is only ONE gift basket, it always contains several gift items, which feels like multiple gifts, especially when people don't typically use all of the products at one time.  

    3. A gift basket keeps on giving.  People might only use some or part of the gift items over several days, even weeks.  And the actual basket the gift items came in can be used forever.

    4. Gift baskets bring people together.  Nobody tries to devour a gift basket on their own.  We gather family, friends, co-workers, and sometimes even bosses to get a taste of the goodies. 

    5. People can re-gift some of the gift basket items.  Someone might not be crazy about that salami they received, but guess what, they have a mom or Aunt or Grandma or cousin who would be over the moon to receive it.  You not only gave them a great gift but allowed them to pass along a great gift.   

    6. Gift baskets have to be at the top spot for "gifting time management", especially when purchased online.  There never seems like enough time in the day, so purchasing a gift basket gives you back some of that time you wish you had.  We make the gift basket dazzling so you don't have to spend your time wrapping or packaging.  We deliver the gift basket so you don't have to spend your time getting the gift where it belongs.  There are dozens of great gift baskets available at the click of a button so you don't have to spend your time searching in stores or all over the web.     

    7. Gift baskets express your feelings in a creative way.  Sometimes food, sometimes stuffed animals, sometimes candy, etc.  Sometimes love, sometimes congratulations, sometimes sorrow, etc.  Expressing yourself in words is great.  Expressing yourself in action is great, too.  You can't see [spoken] words but you can see a beautiful, heartfelt gift basket.

    8. Create a custom gift basket and include specifically what you want and specify what you want to spend.  Let us gather the items to create the exact basket you want to send. Personalized, but outsourced.  Perfect.

    9. A gift basket is always a great surprise.  There is so much to look through, so much to look forward to.  A gift basket is more often than not much more than what anyone expects.  People see and send gift baskets all the time, but are overjoyed when they receive one.

    10. A gift basket is a safe gift.   The likelihood of something being significantly wrong is very low in comparison to some of those other deliverables.  I've purchased edibles that arrived inedible or partially inedible on multiple occasions. I've sent flowers that arrived wilted or near dead on multiple occasions.  And when you send them on that special day, and something is significantly wrong... talk about an angry customer!