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    Our story is pretty brief.  (And it's not so much a story as it is a dream.)

    I've always loved giving gifts.  Especially, surprise gifts.  Nothing beats seeing the face of a person the moment they receive a gift (especially when they didn't know it was coming!). The quizzical smile, the eager unwrapping, and finally, the joyful discovery of the "actual" gift!  At that very moment, everything else has melted away.  Someone cares about me and took the time to show it.

    So often it seems people don't take the time to show their love and appreciation for the people they love.  The concept of Vogue Gift Baskets was born out of my dream to help other people show their love and appreciation to their loved ones - by making appealing products available to them that will truly express what they feel!  We want to put smiles on faces and we want customers everywhere to be able to say, with pride, their gift is "From you, with love!".  

    At Vogue Gift Baskets, we believe using industry best products and modern designs will make everyone delighted that you took the time to send them a gift from Vogue Gift Baskets.  Whether that gift or gift basket is for an unsuspecting recipient, or for yourself, we take pride in our workmanship and take it seriously that you choose us to represent you. We want every person that receives a gift from Vogue Gift Baskets to be overjoyed that you thought of them.  


    Our mission is pretty simple.

    Offer our customers the best selection of gifts and gift baskets at a great value.  

    Offer our customers the freshest designs and products to satisfy even the most particular recipient.

    Make it easy for our customers to send gifts with minimal hassle, but maximum confidence that their recipient will be pleased with what they receive.