What's Good About Halloween?


Halloween doesn't have to be brooding or super-scary.  There are several reasons why many people have some of the most fun they have all year on Halloween.  Here are a few...  

1. Halloween Costumes - What other time of year do you get to dress up as ANYTHING your heart desires?  Anything you can think of is a mask, costume, or paint job away.  A lumberjack?  A stormtrooper?  Pocahontas?

2. Halloween Decorations - Webbing, gravestones, inflatables, pumpkins, etc.  Some people go completely "all in" on Halloween decorations and it is a sight to behold!

3. Meet your neighbors (and other fun-loving folks) - Most people are out to just have good, clean fun with their family and friends.  People are in costumes, a lot of times with a bunch of kids in tow and their whole mindset is helping the kiddos have the time of their lives.  Being friendly to other people and their kids is just fun for everyone.  And when you're being friendly, who knows what friendships you might strike up!

4. All you can eat candy - No explanation needed.  The more houses or businesses you can hit, the more candy you will have to take you through the tough times.  Halloween is the candy Super Bowl.  (Some people actually strategically plan out their "trick or treat" times and routes.)  Folks put out all kinds of candy and treats.  You get to try candies [and treats] you might have never heard of and/or are otherwise never able to get throughout the year.  And most people are very generous, especially if you're nice!


5. Haunted Houses - Some people can't get enough of haunted houses.  Every year they anticipate whether this year's haunted house will be better than last year's.  If you do want some "scary" fun, this year is as good as any.  Get you some friends and family and show them what you're made of!  (If you scream or close your eyes, you're not ready!)

6. Primer to Christmas - Halloween signifies that point when it is time to get serious about dropping hints about what you want for Christmas.  Whoever you're targeting has almost 2 full months to make your Christmas dreams come true!  Not too much notice and not too little notice, just right.

Halloween will be here before you know it.  Get out there and have fun!  And send a Halloween gift basket ASAP to really get someone in the spirit!